The Best Scar Treatment Over The Counter


scarsThe formation of scars on the surface of the skin is somewhat paradoxical.

This is because scars form as a result of successful healing of a wound yet you keep making some serious efforts to get rid of them.

In most cases, younger and healthy skins are more likely to develop deeper and more visible scars than older skins. Treatment of scars can be sometimes challenging and choosing an appropriate and effective treatment method should be your priority. There is a wide range of products that are available over the counter such as creams which can help get rid of the scars.

The following are the best three over the counter scar creams that can work best for your skin. Note that the choice of any of these products should be done with an advice from a dermatologist.


kelo coteThe International Advisory Panel on Scar Management, IAPSC have approved the use of this silicone-based quick drying cream as the best scar removing cream.

Kole-cote is in fact the only self-drying, patented, one hundred percent pure silicone gel which is designed to enhance the physical appearance of the scars and even prevent unusual and unnecessary scar formation.

This product is known to dry within a few minutes leaving a breathable, flexible, and waterproof sheet just over the affected skin. The formula contained in silicone gel bonds with the outer layers of the skin.

Clinically known as the stratum corneum, and creates a protection layer that will prevent the inner parts of the skin from microbial, chemical and physical invasion. This protection is actually the reason why scars cannot be formed due to optimal healing setting provided by the gel.

Kelo-cote features exceptionally patented formulation such as cross-linking technology and optimal healing environment. This guarantees your treatment and allows you to reduce, manage and prevent formation of any type of scars on your skin.


scarguradThis is one of the best over-the-counter cream with a great formula of vitamin E, cortisone and silicone. The formula eliminates scars by shrinking and flattening them and usually applied about six months from the time the wound heals.

Scarguard combine a number of state of the art technologies to diminish and suppress any scars making it the number one choice for dermatologists and even plastic surgeons.

The cream is clear and may not be visible especially if you apply some little makeup. Most surgeons also prefer the use of the product due to its excellent performance in controlling the healing process after a major procedure. Scarguard is therefore clinically proven and is safe to use on any scars whether new or old.

On the other hand, Scarguard makes use of the patented DG5 technology in combination with other medically approved treatments into a simple to use solution. The reason behind its widespread use is because it actually works best.


Mederma Scar GelOne of the most effective scar removal cream yet its dominant formula comes from onion extracts.

Ordinary onions have been found to contain high amount of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory extracts which makes it suitable for scar treatment.

The extracts are also necessary for the formation of collagen which is a vital building block for the skin and other connective tissues. Mederma reduces scar formation at the excision sites after a surgical procedure. This means that the product is best used to manage the healing process of a wound.

The active ingredient in Mederma is Allium cepa, which provides the bioflavonoids with antiproliferatives and antihistamine effects for both malignant and normal cells in the body. Mederma is a product of Germany’s Frankfurt-based pharmaceutical company Merz Pharmaceuticals and has been clinically proven.

 topical treatment creamsIn general terms, scars are naturally occurring features caused by healed wounds and therefore getting rid of them should be done with a lot of care.

That means seeking medical advice from your dermatologist to avoid any complications.

The use of topical treatment creams such as the above is always the best way to get rid of unwanted scars from your skin. Choosing the best cream that works for you without causing any side effects is highly recommended. Note that the prices of the best scar removal creams are relatively higher than the ordinary creams, so brace yourself for more cash.


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